Corporate Reports

Corporate Reports

Strategic Plan 2023-2027

The City of Toronto’s real estate portfolio is immensely valuable, both in terms of its financial worth and its potential to serve as a resource for the public good. In 2018, CreateTO was established to leverage this value for our city, by applying a strategic, city-wide lens to Toronto’s real estate assets. To read about this work and more, see CreateTO’s first Strategic Plan.

CreateTO 2022 Highlights

Effectively utilizing the City’s real estate assets is crucial to achieving Toronto City Council’s key public policy goals. In 2022, CreateTO prioritized advancing projects that align with a number of these policy areas including housing, economic development, environmental sustainability, cultural vitality, community health and diversity, equity and inclusion. To read more about this work and more, see CreateTO’s 2022 Highlights.

CreateTO 2021 Report

When CreateTO was formed as part of the new City-wide Real Estate Model in 2018, the organization was tasked with managing the City’s expansive real estate portfolio. The intent was to create opportunities to build a better Toronto by continuously looking for new and innovative ways to use the City’s real estate assets, open spaces and underutilized and surplus lands. To read about this work and more, see the CreateTO Performance Report.

CreateTO 2020 Highlights

2020 was a notable and demanding year for CreateTO. In the third year of our existence we, and the entire world, were confronted with a global pandemic that brought unprecedented challenges to our organization and our City. We were forced to think differently and to harness our expertise to advance key City initiatives including the delivery of Housing Now, Modular Housing and ModernTO. To read about this work and more, see the CreateTO 2020 Highlights report.

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