Etobicoke Centre

Etobicoke Centre

A vibrant, mixed-use, transit-oriented community in the heart of Etobicoke

Etobicoke Centre is changing.

The Etobicoke Centre is one of four Centres throughout the City identified in the Official Plan to accommodate growth and a dynamic mix of housing, employment opportunities, commercial activities and community amenities. 

The area is planned to be the centre and heart of Etobicoke with a dynamic mix of housing, employment opportunities, commercial activities and community amenities. The area is well-connected with destinations across Etobicoke and beyond with two subway stations and a GO Transit Station as well as new roadways with separated bicycle lanes, widened sidewalks, street furniture, lighting, trees and planters.

What is planned for Etobicoke Centre?

The City of Toronto, in partnership with CreateTO, is studying City-owned land at Bloor-Kipling and Bloor-Islington for the future development of a mixed-use community that will be home to new neighbours, affordable and market housing, community uses, parkland, retail, and employment opportunities, all near transit.

The redevelopment of these lands is also informed by the City’s Housing Now Initiative, which will advance new affordable rental housing units that will remain affordable for 99 years, providing quality housing for future generations.

The study will produce a Block Context Plan and City-initiated Zoning By-law Amendments to guide the next evolution of Etobicoke Centre and advance the redevelopment of these important City lands.

Why this study now?

There are a number of initiatives shaping the Etobicoke Centre community, including:

  • The Six Points Interchange Reconfiguration, which is nearing completion
  • The identification of the Bloor-Kipling (Six-Points) site as the proposed location for the relocated Etobicoke Civic Centre
  • The TTC’s commitment to making all 75 subway stations, including Islington Station, accessible by 2025
  • The Metrolinx transformation of the Kipling GO Station
  • The identification of the Bloor-Kipling and Bloor-Islington sites within the first phase of the City’s Housing Now Initiative

Learn More about the Etobicoke Centre Plan

Curious to know more about the development of the Bloor-Kipling and Bloor-Islington sites? Visit our projects pages to access presentation and meeting materials for Bloor-Kipling and Bloor-Islington