[SOLD] 5131 Sheppard Avenue East

Project History

This site was sold and this project page is no longer being updated.

This site, located along the Sheppard LRT line, offered a great opportunity for a transit-oriented development. Our vision was for a mixed-use development with an affordable housing component that would regenerate the area by introducing new uses, an investment in public realm and improved transit to the urban fabric of the neighbourhood.


Major Intersection: Markham Road and Sheppard Avenue East
Surrounding Uses: High-density residential development to the north; community and cultural uses to the east; a mix of high- and low-density residential uses to the south; and commercial uses to the west.
Ward: Scarborough North
Councillor: Cynthia Lai
Site Area (acres): 3.6
Past Use: Vacant
Proposed Use: Residential
Official Plan - Land Use Designation: Mixed-Use Area

Project Milestones

  • Support transit-oriented development through a mixed-use proposal
  • Incorporate a mix of market and affordable housing in compliance with the requirements of the City of Toronto Affordable Housing Office
  • Commit to best practices in planning and urban design
  • Commit to design excellence in architecture, with a high-quality public-realm contribution that will enhance the local neighbourhood context
  • Commit to high standards of sustainable design and environmental sustainability
  • Engage community and stakeholders throughout the development process
  • Carefully consider the buildings' mass and scale, to complement and enhance the existing neighbourhood context
  • Achieve a well-articulated public realm that is pedestrian friendly, provides opportunities for connections to the existing community and open-space infrastructure and creates an animated street edge along Sheppard Avenue
  • Create a master plan for the property that will provide flexibility and phasing of development as the market dictates
  • [SOLD] 5131  Sheppard Avenue East Photo #1

    [SOLD] 5131 Sheppard Avenue East Photo #1

  • [SOLD] 5131  Sheppard Avenue East Photo #1

    [SOLD] 5131 Sheppard Avenue East Photo #1