Essroc Relocation - 575 Commissioners Street

Project History

The Port Lands remain a functioning port area and will continue to house industrial tenants. As part of the City’s consolidation strategy to relocate concrete and aggregate companies to the Eastern Port Lands, we have worked closely with Essroc to complete this multi-million dollar project. Construction started in 2013 with one terminal put in service in 2014. We have worked closely with the Toronto Port Authority and Waterfront Toronto to help relocate Essroc from its Cherry Street site to a new site just north of the ship channel alongside other like companies. Relocating heavy industry opens up prime property of contaminated sites, and maintains employment in the Port Lands.


Major Intersection: Leslie Street and Commissioners Street
Surrounding Uses: The site is located in the eastern Port Lands, surrounded by similar concrete batching facilities. The site is bounded by Commissioners Street to the north, Leslie Street to the east, the Leslie Street Slip to the south and the Turning Basin to the west.
Ward: Toronto-Danforth
Councillor: Paula Fletcher
Site Area (acres): 4.2
Past Use: Concrete Batching Facility

Project Milestones

• Maintain employment in the Port Lands
• Maintain concrete batching operations in the Port Lands
• Consolidate heavy industrial uses to the eastern Port Lands area
• Release prime lands for other land uses
  • North aerial view of Essroc

    North aerial view of Essroc