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Ordnance Triangle

Project History

This site was sold and this project page is no longer being updated.

Located on the eastern boundary of Liberty Village, the Ordnance Street site is located within one of Toronto’s most vibrant, growing new neighbourhoods. The 7.75 acres are bound by two railway tracks to form a triangular shape locally known as the Ordnance Triangle. Along with our development partner, Diamond Corp., we are planning a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use development that will rejuvenate a community in which to live, work and play.

In addition to new homes, the development will offer new retail, parks and open space for the community. The open space will allow for a bridge landing for the Fort York Bridge to create a new connection to the waterfront for the surrounding communities. Phase 1 of the project refers to 30 Ordnance St., which was sold to Cityzen Development Group in 2012. The two-tower condominium project is currently under construction.  Phase 2 is the subsequent sale of the remaining parcels to Cityzen Development Group and Bentall Kennedy in 2015. The project will consist of three rental residential towers with a mix of uses.

In partnership with Diamond Corp., Build Toronto (now part of CreateTO) has provided Eva’s Phoenix, a past tenant of the City space, $5 million towards a new facility with a downtown location and $5 million towards the Fort York Bridge project.

This development is quite significant in the economic benefits it will offer the City of Toronto when fully developed. We estimate it will offer a new annual revenue stream of $6 million in property taxes and a total of $35 million in revenues to the City from various development charges.

Phase One has been approved and a development application has been submitted for Phase Two.


Major Intersection: Strachan Avenue / Liberty Street
Surrounding Uses: Currently the lands include a mix of vacant industrial and warehouse space. Surrounding uses include the rail corridor and a mix of medium- and high-density developments (existing and under construction) to the north and west; Fort York in close proximity to the south; and the rail corridor to the east.
Ward: Spadina-Fort York
Councillor: Joe Cressy
Site Area (acres): 6
Past Use: Vacant
Proposed Use: Mixed-Use with residential and retail
Official Plan - Land Use Designation: Mixed Use and Employment Area
Planning and Staff Reports:

Project Milestones

  • Plan for a new signature City park that will offer much needed open space in the neighbourhood and a future connection for the Fort York Bridge
  • Pursue mixed-use land use designations
  • Design the base of the buildings to appropriately integrate retail to support the growing residential neighbourhood and improve the streetscape
  • Improve the overall pattern and quality of the public realm in the neighbourhood
  • Develop plans which plan for the long-term open-space plans
  • Participate in the realization of the Fort York Bridge as part of a plan to pursue complete mobility of all kinds in the neighbourhood
  • Offer a new link to the waterfront for the surrounding communities
  • Improve local urban transportation: walk, cycle, drive, transit access
  • Minimize shadow and facilitate comfort in the parks
  • Integrate Liberty Village into the new park and park connector bridge
  • Excellence in architecture
  • Ordnance Triangle Photo #1

    Ordnance Triangle Photo #1

  • Ordnance Triangle Photo #1

    Ordnance Triangle Photo #1