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The City of Toronto owns one of the largest, most complex and valuable real estate portfolios in North America, including 8,446 properties, 6,976 buildings, and more than 105 million square feet, with a collective value of approximately $27 billion. 

From parking facilities and undeveloped lots to water treatment facilities, administrative buildings, theatres, museums and recreation centres, these holdings stretch across 11 different asset classes and are found in every corner of Toronto. They tell a story of untold possibility for our city: places to live, work, build and gather. They offer an opportunity to try new things, to streamline planning, uncover large scale cost savings and lead purposeful development, propelled by a desire to do good for our city. 

In 2018, CreateTO was founded to manage this portfolio differently: as a collective asset belonging to the people of Toronto. Our agency operates on the understanding that Toronto real estate can unlock great value for city residents and be creatively re-imagined as the building blocks of Toronto’s future.

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