Our Strategic Plan 2023-2027Building the city we love

  • 8,446Properties
  • 6,976Buildings
  • 105M+sq. ft.
  • $27BApproximate Collective Value

Our Purpose:
Building the city we love

We work for the people of Toronto, changing this city for the better through reimagined buildings, communities, projects and approaches.

CreateTO is here to increase the social, cultural and economic value of our city’s real estate portfolio, ensuring positive impacts for residents and a bright future for the city.

We strive to be the City’s central point for collaboration, vision, expertise and implementation and to bring our work to life in neighbourhoods across Toronto and for the benefit of everyone who lives here.

Our Mission:
Shaping Toronto’s future through bold and impactful real estate solutions

How do you make the best use of one of North America’s largest and most valuable real estate portfolios? That’s the question we’re here to answer for Toronto residents.

By truly understanding what the City owns, manages and develops, we offer creative and strategic approaches to solving some of our city’s most pressing issues, from building affordable homes and inclusive communities, to creating cultural and employment opportunities, driving economic prosperity, achieving our climate goals and increasing our collective quality of life.

Our Values

Our company is driven by a clear strategic vision. We focus on building a solid foundation for delivering exceptional results, maximizing the potential of our real estate portfolio, and fostering strong partnerships. Internally, we inspire success, nurturing an environment where everyone can thrive.

Strategic directions

How we got here

The creation of our first-ever strategic plan reflects our desire to be a best-in-class municipal agency. 

Over several months, we engaged a range of perspectives to identify and refine our thinking and set a clear direction for our work. We wanted our process to be deliberate, inclusive, challenging and honest. We wanted to reckon with our hurdles and push ourselves to go higher.

With a clear process plan and objectives, we embarked on an engagement tour where we listened to CreateTO and City staff, City of Toronto leadership from a range of divisions, agencies and corporations (DAC), as well as our Board Members and the Mayor’s Office.

We reviewed our own organizational structure as well as our shareholder directions, Board and Council reports and current initiatives. We surveyed and interviewed our team and the City’s DAC leadership to see what was on their minds, what motivated them and what barriers they identified.

The projects we’re delivering will increase access to housing within complete communities where residents will benefit from a range of local services and amenities. That not only has the potential to better a neighbourhood, but to improve people’s lives.
  • 100+Partners from the non-profit, private and broader public sectors
  • 68Divisions, agencies and corporations served

Thank you:
We owe it all to our team and partners

We could not have produced this Strategic Plan without the support, guidance and tremendous talent of our Board of Directors and all those who shared with us their insight, experience and ambitions for the city.

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We’re shaping Toronto’s future through bold and impactful real estate solutions

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