About Us

About Us

Launched on January 1, 2018, CreateTO was established by the City of Toronto to manage its real estate portfolio, which, with more than 8,000 properties, is one of the most expansive, diverse and valuable real estate portfolios in all of North America. CreateTO will develop City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and deliver client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies and corporations.

Our Story

In May 2017, City Council voted to adopt a new city-wide model to centralize the delivery of its real estate services. Under this new model, Build Toronto and the Toronto Port Lands Company are now part of CreateTO, which works closely with the City of Toronto’s Real Estate Services and Facilities Management divisions to apply a city-wide lens to ensure the most effective use of real estate assets. Previously, more than 24 divisions, agencies and corporations had been involved in a variety of real estate functions and activities.

CreateTO will enable the City, for the first time, to adopt a strategic city-wide approach towards the delivery of real estate services that promote a balance of community and economic benefits. The intent: to create opportunities to build a better Toronto by continuously looking for new and better ways to use the City’s real estate assets, underutilized and surplus lands and open spaces.

Serving as a catalyst for city building, CreateTO works collaboratively with City stakeholders, external partners and community members to develop real estate solutions that are innovative in their approach and effective in their design and delivery – creating more livable, sustainable and inclusive communities.

Meet the team

We are a team of a real estate experts with experience across a number of disciplines. We are planners; we are developers; we are property management specialists; we are communicators. Our expertise is built upon a deep understanding of how to build a smarter, more livable city and create opportunity through the repurposing of underutilized lands. We are city builders.

CreateTO Performance Report

When CreateTO was formed as part of the new City-wide Real Estate Model in 2018, the organization was tasked with managing the City’s expansive real estate portfolio. The intent was to create opportunities to build a better Toronto by continuously looking for new and innovative ways to use the City’s real estate assets, open spaces and underutilized and surplus lands. To read about this work and more, see the CreateTO Performance Report.

Evolving and refining the way we do business