Our Team

Our Team

CreateTO is a multi-disciplinary team of real estate experts with experience in property management, development, planning, portfolio strategy and partner relations that supports our new mandate. Together, we look to create opportunities and solutions to build a better tomorrow.


Building on the strengths of partnerships and working collaboratively with City stakeholders, external partners and community members, our Executive Team upholds CreateTO’s mandate to develop innovative real estate solutions that are effective in their design and delivery.

Vic Gupta – Chief Executive Officer

Michael Norton – Chief Development Officer

Jaspreet Hansra-Kulasingam – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ormond – Chief Legal Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Strategic Development

The teams within Strategic Development collaborate with various groups, partners and stakeholders to identify opportunities that maximize the experience of Toronto, as well as leverage portfolio assets to deliver on innovation, economic and community benefits.

Through leasing, land management and brownfield reclamation, our team of property management experts also work to support the vision to transform the Toronto Port Lands and other underutilized lands into new opportunities.

Asset Management & Portfolio Strategy

Ashmeed Ali – Vice President, Portfolio Strategy & Asset Management

Seamus Shanahan – Manager, Portfolio Strategy

Esther Imm – Senior Real Estate Analyst

Caroline Tam – Analyst, Strategy & Real Estate Planning

Client & Partner Relationship Management

Christina Beja – Vice President, Client and Stakeholder Relations

Melita Varga – Director, Client and Stakeholder Relations

Fariha Husain – Director, Client and Stakeholder Relations

SoMei Quan – Senior Development Planner

Shiv Ruparell – Analyst, Client and Stakeholder Relations


Scott Pennington – Vice President,  Port Lands Asset Management

Kendra Barkman – Manager, Waterfront Development

Paul Arkilander – Project Manager

Georgia Samuel – Coordinator, Data Analytics & Mapping

Development & Major Projects

We have a unique focus on supporting the City of Toronto in identifying, improving and developing City-owned property. Our Development & Major Projects Team spearheads this work to create spaces and communities that are more liveable, sustainable, recognized and celebrated.


Carlo Bonanni – Senior Vice President, Planning & Design

Tracey Smith – Vice President, Environment and Construction Services

Gabriella Sicheri – Vice President, Development

Nick Simos – Vice President, Major Transactions

Jason Chen – Director, Development

Peter Harron – Director, Development

Mehakdeep Dhillon – Director, Development

Nima Kia – Director, Development and Housing Now

Mia Baumeister – Director, Development Planning

Sanam Owens – Director, Construction

Ishan Dasgupta – Major Transactions Manager

Tina Panagoulia – Manager, Development

Samantha Zavaglia – Manager, Development

Sameer Jain – Manager, Development

Sarah Corey – Manager, Development

Georgia Luyt – Manager, Development

Simon McKenzie – Manager, Development

Manny Karima – Manager, Development

Pedro Giunti – Manager, Development

Arash Oturkar – Manager, Development Planning

Kevin D’Souza – Development Associate

Tharmiha Kanagathasan – Senior Development Planner

Alessia Monopoli – Development Planner

Kimberly Lam – Development Planner

Deborah Prestwich – Executive Assistant

Farida Hameed – Executive Assistant

Maggie Bibit – Executive Assistant

Property Management

Through leasing, land management and brownfield reclamation and remediation, our team of property management experts support the vision to transform the Toronto Port Lands and other underutilized lands into places for local businesses to thrive and to create new opportunities.

Neil Finlayson – Senior Property Manager

Martin DaSilva – Operations Manager

Sarah Hughes – Property Manager

Marcelle Grimmond – Property and Operations Coordinator

Jennifer Vicente – Assistant Property Manager

Corporate Services

Corporate Services ensures business goals and objectives are met by streamlining processes while ensuring effectiveness and supporting other teams in day-to-day operations. This team includes business support, communications, finance, human resources, legal and strategy.

Corporate and Strategic Initiatives 

Robbie Grewal – Vice President, Corporate and Strategic Initiatives

Wes Iqbal – Manager, Strategic Policy and Corporate Priorities


Susan O’Neill – Director, Communications & Marketing

Samantha Martin – Manager, Marketing and Communications

Asha-Keyf Dahir – Community Engagement Manager

Nicole Spina – Advisor, Communications and Marketing


Kathryn Truman – Controller, Financial Reporting and Accounting

Ashutosh Sanghvi – Controller, Budget Planning and Forecasting

Jennifer Li – Manager, Financial Reporting & Accounting

Vivian Wong – Manager, Accounting & Taxation

Fred Zhang – Manager, Budget Planning & Forecasting

Kashaidi Jogi – Manager, Procurement

Shoon Huggett – Director,  Financial Analysis & Advisory Services

Matthew D’Angelo – Senior Financial Analyst

Aiden Koke – Financial Analyst

Jinyi Liu – Senior Analyst, Budget Planning & Forecasting

Yvonne Lin – Senior Accountant

Gavin Gao – Senior AP Administrator

Andrew Erdman – Procurement Specialist

Mohammed Al Shinnawi – Procurement Specialist

Robert Wu – Accountant, Support & Special Projects

Aditi Kumar – Office Manager

Human Resources

Gloria Pakravan, Vice President, People and Culture

Anusha Bachoo – Executive Assistant


Justin Kong – Director, Legal Services

Stephanie Simmons – Director, Legal Services

Olivia Bautista – Director, Legal Services

Sylvie Eadie – Senior Law Clerk

Lisa Palumbo – Senior Law Clerk