We have a complete open and transparent procurement process where we award work to selected pre-qualified Approved Service Providers (ASP) and other qualified suppliers through a competitive process.

For frequent services such as architecture, planning, appraisal services, etc., we establish a roster of ASP’s using a Request for Supplier Qualifications (RFSQ) sourcing and selection process. We then issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for individual projects directly to the specific roster. In the event that a current roster is not able to meet our requirements, we may issue a standalone RFP.

Our Procurement Policy is set up to ensure:

  • A clear, equitable and transparent process;
  • Procurement of goods and services quickly, efficiently and effectively while building a high quality of network advisors, suppliers and partners; and
  • Maximum value for cost

To be considered for our ASP Roster list, please email your company information to:

CreateTO currently manages all RFPs for Build Toronto and Toronto Port Lands Company in addition to CreateTO opportunities.

Current Opportunities

REQUEST for PROPOSALS (RFP) 2018-002 (CTO) – Developing and Operating Affordable Housing Services, 640 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

Please find the RFP document (RFP 2018-002) and Confidentiality Agreement for RFP 2018-002 and submit your proposal to the address on page three (3) of the RFP by 12:00 PM, Toronto Time, on September 6, 2018.

Proposals will NOT be considered unless it is:

  • Complete when submitted;
  • Received by the date and time specified above;
  • Received at the address specified on page three (3) of the RFP; and
  • Received with an original signed RFP submission, seven (7) hard copies, and two (2) Electronic Copies.

NOTE: Submission by facsimile machine or email is not acceptable.

The signed Confidentiality Agreement can be directed to in order to to recieve the link to the list of confidential documents.

For responses to questions on the RFP, please refer to the Q&A Letter – RFP 2018-002 (CTO).

CreateTO reserves the right not to respond to questions and to distribute copies of any questions and responses to all registered parties. All questions (on an anonymous basis) and answers will be emailed only. Official notification will only be given to the successful bidder(s).

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