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International Design Competition for the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts

October 17, 2022 in Project Updates

CreateTO, on behalf of TO Live and the City of Toronto, is excited to invite the local and international design community to submit creative and innovative proposals for the first of a two-stage design competition for a newly re-imagined St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts (STLC) located at 27 Front Street East in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

The STLC opened its doors in 1970 as a Canadian centennial project and has stood as a cultural and architectural landmark within the historic St. Lawrence neighbourhood for 52 years, servicing performers and hosting performances that have entertained the people of Toronto and its visitors.

A vital part of the current performing arts and cultural ecosystem in Toronto, a re-imagined STLC promises to support the recovery and future of arts and culture in the city through its concerted effort in “making space” for artists, cultural makers, and the community. It will be a meeting place with flexible, state-of-the-art spaces where artists and the public will come together to create, perform, and share ideas that build a better and inclusive city through the arts.

In this first stage of the competition, CreateTO is seeking submissions from design teams who can demonstrate, through their qualifications and previous work, that they are capable of undertaking the design of this important cultural project to make the most of the opportunity to transform the STLC so that it may host and support a vibrant, dynamic cultural ecosystem within the heart of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.

For details on the completed consultation process for the re-imagining of the STLC, please visit: https://stlcnext.org/

About this project

City Building and Cultural Vitality
Project current phase Pre-development
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts
Located in ward Toronto Centre
The new St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts will create a cultural ecosystem where renewed cultural spaces, innovative spaces and gathering spaces will combine into a dynamic cultural and civic hub and, along with Meridian Hall and Berczy Park, anchor the Front Street cultural corridor.