Our Approach

Our Approach

We are continuously looking for new and better ways to use the City’s real estate assets. We collaborate on how to transform underutilized lands and open spaces into more enjoyable places to work, live and play. We’re working together to create a better Toronto.

Our Engagement Approach

Creating and maintaining connections is key to our approach. We engage with key stakeholders, partners and local communities during the development process to find new solutions, increase efficiencies and create better results.

Our Development Approach

With great complexity, comes great opportunity. Our approach is refined and evolved, streamlining development processes to deliver greater efficiencies and better results. We collaborate with partners, stakeholders and our internal team of experts to seek out the forward-looking opportunities that will provide economic return and community benefits to our city.

Our Leasing Approach

We are facilitators. We are catalysts for change. We seek to unlock the potential of various open lands and underutilized spaces across the city by offering leasing opportunities to businesses of all sizes and managing complex properties. We work closely with our partners to transform these areas and support economic development.

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