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Huge development one step closer to replacing abandoned Toronto incinerator

The Wellington Destructor site at 677 Wellington St. W. is centred around its namesake 3,700 square metre vacant heritage building: a 1925-built garbage incinerator that has sat idle since solid waste burning was banned in the mid-1970s.


Streaming Wars Kick Off Studio Space Race in Ontario

Production was already increasing in the Canadian province prior to the pandemic, but unprecedented demand during the recovery from major streaming platforms has ignited a soundstage boom: “We’re busier than ever.”


How Toronto found a pot of value buried in some poorly utilized downtown real estate

Let’s make a deal. The city of Toronto is doing that, in the best way, in the downtown King-Spadina neighbourhood.


City announces plans for park in downtown Toronto as part of new development

The City of Toronto announced plans for a park in the downtown core that will be part of a new development on City-owned property which also includes more affordable housing units.


‘It’s a very surreal landscape and we don’t want to hide it’: What’s planned for the new park on Toronto’s waterfront

A white sand beach, an elevated viewing platform and nature trails that hide the city’s noise are all part of the proposed plans for a new waterfront park in Toronto.


Toronto’s first modular supportive housing project opens its doors

Toronto’s first modular supportive housing project opened its doors on the weekend, with 56 studio apartment spaces meant to move people out of the city’s homeless shelter system.


Toronto’s Hollywood North expanding in all directions

It’s lights, cameras and action – everywhere. While just a few months ago, it appeared COVID-19 was forcing a wrap for the film industry, there’s now so much demand for production space that studios are expanding, and new ones are being built in all corners of the Greater Toronto Area.


Mega film and television studio in Toronto’s port lands expands again

Today, Pinewood Toronto Studios (PTS) announced it has started a multi-stage expansion that will add more than 200,000 square feet of new sound stage and support space to its Commissioners Street campus.


Here comes the bridge: A sneak peek at Toronto’s new Cherry St. bridge – set to make the trip from Nova Scotia

Right now, it’s sitting, sleek and streamlined, brilliant white and red against a clear blue sky in the backyard of the manufacturing facility of Cherubini Bridges and Structures in Dartmouth, across the harbour from Halifax.


Toronto identifies initial site locations for modular housing projects

Within a month of receiving approval from council, the City’s plan to expedite Phase 1 of Toronto’s Modular Housing Initiative is well underway and the first two site locations have been identified.