Our Development Approach

A Balanced Approach to Building

Building upon the strengths of our collective experiences, we look to create more opportunities for businesses, partners and communities through innovative solutions for using the City’s real estate portfolio. A new employment centre, greater access to transit, more parks and open spaces – our approach strikes a balance.

Featured Projects

The Allen District

Facilitating the development of a complete community

Located near Sheppard West Station (formerly known as the Downsview Station), the Allen East District is one of the districts comprising the 73 total acres within the Downsview Area Secondary Plan. Since 2009, we have been tasked with creating a plan to guide the development of the 57 acres of land within the Allen East District, located south of Sheppard Avenue West on the east side of Allen Road. The final report outlining the Allen East District Plan, a requirement of the Secondary Plan, was adopted by Toronto City Council on October 1, 2021. The Allen East District Plan will facilitate the development of a complete community as it addresses areas such as servicing, transportation, urban design and the environment.

Danforth Garage

Creating a new multi-use civic hub

The Danforth Garage is a key site situated in the Beaches-East York . At its meeting on December 17, 2019, City Council adopted the Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments necessary to implement the Danforth Garage Master Plan at the Danforth Garage site. The Plan identifies redevelopment parcels and a phasing strategy to permit the site’s anchor tenants, Toronto Police Services, Toronto Public Library and Toronto Transit Commission, to advance their respective programs. In May 2020, the Danforth Garage site was included in Phase 2 of the Housing Now Initiative.  

Mass Timber Construction

Advancing environmental sustainability

CreateTO, in collaboration with City Planning, the Housing Secretariat, and the City’s Environment and Energy Division, is working to deliver a sustainable mass timber pilot project to provide an innovative affordable rental housing development on the City-owned site at 1117 Dundas Street West. The pilot program will repurpose a surface parking lot and demonstrate the ability to achieve new housing, including affordable and market rental units, through a development that achieves high quality design in a mass timber form, which supports the extraction of carbon from the atmosphere.

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Development Highlights

Housing Now Phase 3 Sites Approved at City Council
At its meeting in November 2021, City Council approved the third phase of Housing Now, expanding the initiative to include four new sites in addition to the 17 sites identified in Phases One and Two...
City of Toronto and CreateTO announce development partner for the Basin Media Hub
Hackman Capital Partners (HCP) and The MBS Group (MBS) have been selected to develop and operate the Basin Media Hub, a purpose-built, state-of-the-art film, television, and digital media hub to be...
Wellington Destructor site on way to becoming a community hub
City Council has approved TAS, a Toronto-based real estate development company, as the long-term head lessee of the Wellington Destructor site, a 0.85 hector City-owned heritage landmark at 677...