Our Engagement Approach

Creating Connections Across the City

We take a holistic approach to the way we plan for, build and develop neighbourhoods across Toronto. We engage with community members, local residents and stakeholders to ideate, create and find solutions during the development process. These personal connections build a solid foundation for our practices to ensure we deliver on projects that are recognized and celebrated by the community.

Featured Projects

Housing Now

Creating mixed-income communities on public land

Since spring 2019, CreateTO, along with City Planning and the Housing Secretariat, have been hosting community consultation meetings on Housing Now, an initiative investing in City-owned lands across Toronto for the development of affordable housing within mixed-income, mixed-use and transit-oriented communities. For more information on Housing Now and how to get involved, visit the Housing Now website.


Unlocking value to invest in city building

Public information sessions on the first two ModernTO sites were held in the summer of 2022. During these initial public meetings, CreateTO and City staff introduced the ModernTO program, provided an overview of the surrounding site context for each location, and explained how that context will impact the redevelopment potential of the site and the accompanying city-building benefits. Community engagement will occur on all sites prior to the submission of any planning applications.

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Engagement Highlights

ModernTO Community Information Sessions
The community engagement process for the first two sites within the ModernTO portfolio, 931 Yonge Street and 610 Bay Street / 130 Elizabeth Street, kicked off this summer with Community Pop-Ups and...
Toronto City Council adopts ModernTO plan to repurpose eight City-owned sites
Toronto City Council has approved the proposed vision for unlocking eight City-owned properties to enable the delivery of affordable housing and other key City objectives through the ModernTO...
Housing Now Phase 3 Sites Approved at City Council
At its meeting in November 2021, City Council approved the third phase of Housing Now, expanding the initiative to include four new sites in addition to the 17 sites identified in Phases One and Two...