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Danforth Garage Master Plan

June 5, 2019 in Project Updates

The Danforth Garage Master Plan, endorsed by the CreateTO Board on May 13, will go to Executive Committee for consideration on June 6, 2019.

In May, the CreateTO Board endorsed the Master Plan to guide the development of the Danforth Garage property, provided the development addresses the following:

- Affordable housing;
- Toronto Public Library;
- Community access to the TTC heritage barns.

The Board also directed CreateTO to work on the next phase of the project once approved by City Council.

The Danforth Garage is a key site situated in Ward 19. The site accommodates the Danforth – Coxwell Public Library at 1675 Danforth Avenue and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Danforth Garage at 1627 Danforth Avenue. The site is 5.05 acres and is bounded by Danforth Avenue to the north, Woodrow Avenue to the south, Coxwell Avenue to the west and Hillingdon Avenue to the east.

The study, led by CreateTO, City Planning and the City’s Real Estate Services division, is intended to create a master plan for the site that accommodates the needs of the three anchor tenants – TTC, the Toronto Police Service (TPS), and the Toronto Public Library (TPL) – as well as the local community and becomes a catalyst for regeneration and place-making in this area of the city.

The Master Plan was informed by comprehensive community input and is consistent with the policy framework created through the Danforth Avenue Planning Study.

The May 13 presentation to the CreateTO Board can be found here and the Danforth Garage Master Plan can be found here.

The staff report to Executive Committee can be found here.

About this project

Project current phase Pre-development
1627 and 1675 Danforth Avenue
Located in ward Beaches-East York
The Danforth Garage is a revitalization and adaptive re-use project of the now decommissioned Toronto Transit Commission’s streetcar maintenance complex at 1627 and 1675 Danforth Avenue and will bring together residential, including affordable housing, employment and community uses to create a new multi-use civic hub within this area of the city.