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Creating mixed-income communities on public land

The Housing Now initiative is investing in City-owned lands across Toronto to build affordable housing and mixed-income, livable communities near transit.

Housing Now will create a mix of affordable rental, market rental and ownership housing options to serve Toronto residents. The new affordable rental homes will remain affordable for 99 years, providing quality affordable housing for future generations. The affordable homes will be affordable for households earning between approximately $21,000 and $56,000 per year.

Housing Now is one component within the City of Toronto’s HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan to address the full spectrum of housing issues in Toronto.

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Creating New Affordable Housing Opportunities through Phase Two of the Housing Now Initiative.

On December 13, 2018, City Council approved the activation of the 11 sites identified in a report from Mayor John Tory for the development of affordable housing as part of creating mixed-income, mixed-use and transit oriented communities.

The City Manager’s January 11, 2019 report to the Executive Committee provides an overview of the Housing Now Initiative and includes a series of recommendations for implementing the program.

The City of Toronto is working with all housing stakeholders and the public to develop a comprehensive solutions-based plan to address housing and homelessness challenges over the next decade. For more about this process, see the link below.

Toronto City Council approved the Open Door Affordable Housing Program in 2016 to accelerate affordable housing construction by providing City financial contributions, fast-tracking planning approvals, and activating surplus public land.

The Etobicoke Centre area is planned to be the centre and heart of Etobicoke with a dynamic mix of housing, employment opportunities, commercial activities, community amenities and access to transit.

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  • 405 Sherbourne – Community Consultation Meeting Recording

    To view the recording of the 405 Sherbourne Community Consultation Meeting that took place on November 23, click the button below.
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  • 405 Sherbourne – Presentation

    To view and download the presentation for the 405 Sherbourne Community Consultation on November 23, please click the button below.
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  • 405 Sherbourne – Feedback Form

    To complete the feedback form for the 405 Sherbourne Community Consultation Meeting on November 23, click the button below. All feedback received by December 21, 2020, will be summarized and posted online in January 2021.
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